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Isaac Yeo



I am Isaac, at the moment I am running, a B2B e-mail marketing agency.

My skill set is an intersection of Finance, Technology and Marketing.

I studied Economics and Finance at the University of London and I am currently a Master of Finance student in SUSS.

My work experience spans across technology consulting, predictive analytics and systems integration. - Co-founder: Built a lead generation and cold email outreach service to help agency businesses engage with start-ups that have just raised funding in their seed round and early series. Interacting with CEOs and Founders on a daily basis, I have learned how key stakeholders and decision-makers think and what they look for when strategizing for their company's growth. Weekly reporting is also made to summarize the progress and performance of their campaigns (they love this). - Co-founder: Built a book referral site for Kindle and Kobo readers. It allows you to upload and share your favorite highlights on social media. Users can also have discussions on their latest reads. This experience has allowed me to learn the ins and outs of launching a platform, from frontend to backend development, to building and connecting databases and hosting.

Accenture - Consultant: I was a technology consultant gathering requirements from clients and translating business requirements to technical specifics for our software engineers. In this role, I was able to learn how to speak to stakeholders of different business units and departments. This was where I learned to communicate effectively and ensure that everyone is on the same page.